Your questions - answered.


Your Questions - answered.

Over the course of the conversations and interactions we've had with you, we've received several questions that we've taken the time to carefully ponder and consolidate into this FAQ. We've categorized them into sections but if there is anything that we may have left out, do feel free to contact us here.

1.What does “Back Order” mean?

The Back Order Function allows you to place an order in advance at a lower price. Customers can then place an order now and enjoy a peace of mind, instead of rushing to “beat the crowd” on the day of restock.

Some details:

  1. The Bond Travel Briefcase will be sold at S$549 (S$50 less than our Retail Price)
  2. The Bond Everyday Padfolio will be sold at S$269 (S$30 less than our Retail Price)
  3. Once the factory is done with production and we receive the next batch, we will immediately send them out to the people who ordered in advance
  4. We are targeting to send products out for advanced orders by the dates stated on each product page
  5. This function is currently only available for the Bond collection


The basic steps:

  • If your product is Out of Stock, it will show this message when the colour is selected:



  • The discounted price should also be shown here:



  • Simply click on ADD TO CART and checkout as per usual – you will receive your product in September 2018.


2. Where does your leather come from and what kind of leather do you use?

Our leather hides are sourced from USA, and we currently use two types:

  • Vegetable tanned US Top grain cowhide (smooth)
  • Cross grain embossed US Top grain cowhide (textured)

For more details and comparisons between the 2 types of leather, click here.


3. Will there be discounts soon?

We have no plans to offer any discounts soon.


4. How heavy is your luxury travel bag and leather tech organizer?

Bond Travel Briefcase: 1.6kg
Bond Everyday Padfolio: 0.8kg


5. What currency are your prices in?

Our prices are listed in SGD (Singapore Dollar).


6. How would I know if my tech items fit within the designated compartments of a product? 

Please refer to the specific product page for more information on the size of specific compartments and the fit of certain tech items.  


7. Will my parcel be charged customs/duties and taxes?

Yes, you will be charged customs/duties by your local customs office based on their price limits and import guidelines (this varies from country to country). You will be charged taxes based your country’s tax laws.


8. What forms of payment do you take?

Currently, we accept Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, AMEX, Google Pay and Apple Pay.


9. Do you have a product warranty?

We have a 1-year warranty on our products. Please refer to our Warranty & Returns Page for more details.


10. Do you provide monogramming services?

Yes we offer.


11. How often do you launch new products?

We intend to launch new products every month.


12. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do. Click HERE to purchase it now!


13. I want to get multiple items and they’re not in a bundle. Will you be offering any bundles? If so, how do I pledge for a Custom Bundle?

We offer various bundle deals from time to time. As we have selected these items for specific reasons when we run such deals, we do not allow the substitution of other products outside those stated within the bundle. 


14. Where are you located?

We are based in Singapore.


15. Where is your factory located?

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China. 


16. Will my information and payment details be shared with any third parties?

We do not share or sell your information to any third party. Your information and payment details are kept strictly confidential and used for the sole purpose of contacting you about your order or matters relating to Faire Leather Co.. We also do not store your credit card details. You can opt to receive our marketing emails and opt out anytime you wish.


17. Will the product I get look exactly the same as the photographs on the website?

Slight variations from the photographs on the website should not be taken as defects, as there may be very slight differences in colours depending on your screen resolution and other factors. Moreover, the grain may appear more pronounced in some leather hides, but this is merely a sign of the product’s authenticity.


18. How do I care for my purchased products?

(a) Avoid direct and prolonged contact with water.

(b) Always wipe off any water droplets as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

(c) Leave the leather to dry naturally.

(d) Avoid prolonged exposure to heat.

(e) Prolonged exposure will dry out the leather.

(f) Frequently buff the leather with a soft cloth.

(d) Regular polishing with a leather cream will help to maintain its suppleness and minimise scratches and abrasions.

1. Where do you ship to?

We ship to all countries worldwide.


2. How long will it take for my product to arrive?

This depends on the destination country. Please refer to our Shipping page for more details.


3. How much does shipping cost?

This depends on the destination country. Please refer to our Shipping page for more details.


4. How do I track my order?

A shipment notification email will be sent to you once your order is shipped out from the warehouse – this email will contain tracking details.


5. Why aren’t you covering customs charges?

By providing free shipping worldwide, we have committed ourselves to covering the extensive costs of shipping the products internationally to anywhere in the world for all backers as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation of your support for our brand. This takes a big cut from us that we could have otherwise passed on, but we did not. Beyond that, the cost of local customs and duties are only known upon receipt, and vary widely from country to country. As such, it has been a standard to have customs duties and taxes covered separately by backers accordingly.


6. Can you underdeclare so that I won’t have to pay customs?

We are sorry but we cannot underdeclare the cost of the item to customs, it is not only against our brand statement (that we are transparent and honest), we also risk getting in trouble and getting fined by your customs authority in the case that they do check (online or otherwise).


7. What are remote area charges and why do they exist?

“Remote areas” are defined as areas that are outside the standard routes taken by our couriers. As these routes are visited less frequently, additional charges will be incurred if your shipping address is located in a “remote area”. You may view our list of postal codes within your country that would result in additional remote area charges.

Note that this list is generated by our courier and will be updated periodically. If you are unsure of whether your delivery address falls within the “remote area” category, you may write in to us at enquiries@faireleather.co for more information.

1. What if my item is damaged, defective, or incorrect upon receiving?

You can email us on enquiries@faireleather.co and we will rectify the issue.


2. Can I change/cancel my order? Will I get a refund?

we are unable to make changes once your order is logged in as it will automatically be processed by our third-party fulfilment centre.


3. Can I return a product immediately upon receipt if I’m not happy with it?

No, we do not allow “change of mind” returns.

1. What is Pre-Order?

It’s our crowdfunding campaign section where you can pre-order a product that we have created based on conversations we have with you and the comments we receive - what you want and need.


2. How does it work?

After we put up the product campaign, customers have 4-6 weeks (depending on the product) to place a pre-order. If the campaign achieve our targeted minimum order, we go into full production and eventual fulfilment.

This crowdfunding models helps us offer exactly what you want and need at a fair price, enabling those savings to be passed on to you.


3. Why should I participate?

By participating, you have a say in deciding which products become a reality. You also get to enjoy them at pre-order prices which are lower than our eventual retail price.


4. How long is the campaign period?

Depending on the product, our campaign periods last typically between 4-6 weeks.


5. When will I receive the product?

When you back a campaign, there will always be an estimated shipping month found at the top section of the campaign page. Having said so, a waiting time of about 8 weeks from the end of the campaign would be a good estimate.


6. When am I actually billed?

Your card is charged when you checkout.


7. What happens if a campaign does not reach its minimum order goal?

The product will not go into production and we will then issue a full refund.


8. I backed a campaign, but now I would like to change the colour selection. Is this possible?

Yes. As long as the campaign is still running, you can make such changes to your order by dropping us an email at faire@faireleather.co


9. I'd like to cancel my Pre-Order

If you’d like to cancel an order while the campaign is still running, drop us an email at us an email at faire@faireleather.co

For all other questions we may have missed out on, please feel free to drop us an email at faire@faireleather.co