Why You'll Love Our Bond Collection draft

Our objective at Faire is to create functional leather tech organizer bags that will help maximize your time and efficiency. If you are constantly on the go and travelling, our leather tech organizer products are ideal for you, and here’s why:

#1 There aren't many Leather Tech Organizers like ours.

Similar products are more commonly seen in Nylon offerings as opposed to a leather tech organizer. Our products are a result of data analytics, focus groups and prototyping – ensuring that we provide Functional Luxury, at a Fair Price.

#2 We have over 30 years of experience in making leather goods.

Our products are made from the same factory that produces for other luxury brands.

#3 We own the factory.

We save on production and sample making costs, passing those savings on to you.

#4 We’re proven.

We started on Kickstarter and got funded within 48 hours, raising over $406,000. We also hit $1,000,000 in sales in under 10 months.

#5 We use premium leather and weigh reasonably compared to the biggest brands.

We benchmark our products against other luxury brands. From our research, we’ve found that their bags typically weigh between 1.4 to1.8 kg. We sit right in the middle at 1.6kg - the difference is that their interiors are not as meticulously designed as ours.

#6 Our designs are minimal and iconic.

We don’t place our logo on the face of the product, opting for a minimalist design instead - we want other elements to represent Faire Leather Co., and a burgundy interior is one of them.

#7 We’re held in high regard. Here are some reviews:

“One of the best leather folios we’ve tried.”

- Augustman, 2017.

“Faire Leather Co. has solved the problem of messy, unorganized briefcases. The Bond Travel Briefcase is a professional carry-all with a place for everything.”

- The Hustle, 2017

“Simply amazing! Well built and stylish. The briefcase is spacious enough for all the carry-on stuff, and the padfolio is slim enough to fit into the briefcase, yet can hold my iPad pro and my 11” MacBook at the same time. Really happy that I went for the bundle tier, you guys rock!”

– Felex Lung, Online SuperBacker on Kickstarter, 2018

“It’s not hard to see why its been so widely accepted thus far. The designs do not skimp on quality despite the affordable price point, due to its direct-to-consumer pricing from running and owning its own factory, overseeing every process from production to delivery.”

- Harper’s Bazaar, 2018

“Faire Leather Co's Kickstarter campaign was a success, with the firm hitting their two-year target of S$1 million in sales in under 10 months.”

- Business Times, 2019

“At this price point, I’d say that the competition doesn’t even come close — that is, if there was any competition to speak of.”

- Lifestyle Asia HK, 2019